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Ok…. it’s NOT what you’re thinking!  I am NOT pregnant!  (For those of you who have NO idea what the phrase “the rabbit died” means, can find out HERE!)


What I was referring to… is my VERY favorite sex toy (the Rabbit).  It FINALLY bit the dust!  I guess the poor thing could only take so much!   Hmmmm… what am I going to do without my little friend? 


I was checking out my favorite sex toy site and found they carry all sorts of Rabbits now!  Which one should I choose?  They have “beginners” models (not sure EXACTLY what this means!!), waterproof models, and even models that LIGHT UP!  Why… they even have a rabbitt attached to a STRAP-ON device!  Now that conjures up some fantasies!


Anyway… I’m HOPING one of my adoring clients will come to my rescue and send me a new one!  The website is:  Just type in this model number in the search box:  SE1610-70   It’s for the pink, waterproof Jack Rabbit!  (I think most of you know that pink is my FAV color!!)  Just send me an email to: and let me know you’re going to send it… and I’ll give you my mailing address.  Whoever sends it gets 5 FREE minutes plus also gets mentioned in one of my upcoming blog posts!


Talk to you soon!






My cold is all gone now (after 2 weeks), and I’m READY to start taking calls again!  Thanks to the few die-hard customers who still arranged calls with me while I was sick!  (Hugs and kisses to you guys!)


As the picture above shows… I’m on my hands and knees now… WAITING to suck your cock!  (And, you guys know what a GREAT little cock sucker I am!!!)


Talk to you soon!



What a FABULOUS snow storm we had Tuesday! There were blizzard-like conditions for a couple of hours, ending up with about 8 inches (my favorite number) once it was all done!  You should have seen my little weiner dog, Molly, trying to walk in the stuff! She was hopping around like a bunny rabbit cause her little legs are so short! She loved it, though, and I TOTALLY loved it!


By the way… check out this SNOW ANGEL I saw!!!  Too fucking funny!!









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