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I absolutely LOVE being a phone sex operator!  But sometimes… I have to admit I get some VERY strange requests!  And… every once in a while… I do turn down a call.  Here’s an example of one such call I got tonight:


Caller:  Hey Trish, I’m looking for a really kinky girl tonight to do a fantasy with me.


Me:  Okay… what would you like to talk about?


Caller:  I’m looking for a girl that will talk about helping me CUT MY DICK OFF!!!!


Me:  Ummm, sorry… I’m not that girl!!


Caller:  Okay… bye.


I’m at a loss!  Oh well… I’m sure he’ll find someone that will talk about that fantasy with him!  I’d rather talk about SUCKING and FUCKING! 





Dave in Dallas is the special guy who bought me my glass dildo!    Thank-you Dave!  Sorry I didn’t post this  earlier, but I was having major computer problems!


Can’t wait to use it!!!


Thanks again sweetie!


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