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Soooooooo… one of my frequent callers (Josh) has been begging me to pimp him out on Craig’s List.  A couple of weeks ago, I gave him his wish!  Here’s the ad I posted for him.  (Click on the pic to make it bigger):





He got quite a few emails.  Who knew there were so many horny bois in Sheboygan???  We picked one out and Josh headed out to his house one Saturday night about 2 am.  We had two rules:  (1) He had to call me as soon as he got to the guy’s house so I could listen to the WHOLE thing, and (2) He had to have the guy take pics of Josh sucking his cock for me and my blog! :-)


It was VERY hot to hear Josh slurping and gagging on this guy’s BIG cock.  But… there was another hole to be filled!  Josh bent over and let the guy fuck his tight little ass!  The guy had to take it slow because he was about ready to blow his load.  I wanted all the cum to be on Josh’s face, so Josh turned around and he shot a big load in his mouth and all over his face!


Here are a few of the pics from that night.  Unfortunately, it was pretty dark in the guy’s apartment, but you get the idea!  You can see Josh holding the phone while he sucked so I could hear it all! :-)







So which one of you COCKSUCKERS wants to be next???





Josh Basso, from Tampa, was arrested for making phone sex calls to 911.  He said his cell phone ran out of minutes and 911 was the only number he could call for free.



Basso faces a misdemeanor charge of “misuse of wireless 911 system.” He is not the sharpest tool in the shed. Basso called 911 four times Wednesday before being arrested at his home. When officers asked him where his cell phone was, he appeared to be shocked, responding, “How did you know I had a cell phone?” The responding officer then dialed the number that was recorded by dispatch – Basso’s phone starts to ring. Finally, the desperate loser fessed, “I did it! I did it.”


He gets MY vote for LOSER of the year!


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