My new sissy slut (Courtney) and I have been having a lot of cam fun lately!  I LOVE taking lots of screen shots of her having fun with her *friends* (you’ll see what I mean soon enough)!  These are only SOME of the pics I took of her.  The EXTRA naughty ones are soon to come!


I gave Courtney the assignment to write all the captions for the pics.  I think she did a pretty good job!  I hope you all enjoy the pics!
















Check back in another week or so for some SUPER hot and TABOO pics of Courtney and MOMMY!!!



One Response to “Finally… HERE THEY ARE!!!”

  • OMG OMG Mistress Trish….. I cannot believe you posted all the pictures I was required to write captions for. Explaing to the world what a sissy I am, letting them see the humilating and degrading things I do for my Mistress on camera. God I am so pathetc. Its no wonder I have not been with a real woman in so long.

    I cannot believe the things I was doing in theese pictures for you, from everyone seeing I have a little girls Barbie bed, to my dressing as a sissy slutty whore in my garter belt, heels, lacey panties, mini skirt, stuffed bra, wig, and makeup, the toys as you watch me practice oral sex with teaching me to take it deeper laughing as I gag and drool on the rubbber penis in my mouth, me holding one my special gfs my Finally Mylie blowup doll (aka Miley Cyrus) and that I bought and dressed her in cute Hannah Montana themed clothing (or that this is my second Finally Mylie doll), then there is the “popsicle training” where I am forced to place a frozed popsicle into my pussy hole laughing as I squirm, beg and cry about how cold it is in my hole, not caring as I beg forcing me to slide it in and out till it all melts or lides off the stick inside me to finish melting, then I am tamponed like a girl on her period so my tampon can absorb all the sticky fluid in my pussy and of course the tampon must be a super plus because it absorbs the most, but also expands the most making removal as I tug on the string later the more difficult and painful as it pops free of my pussy, and I know how you loved seeing the string dangle down to my ovaries as I knealt in front the camera on my hands and knees.

    And as bad as all these are I know the next set is even more humiliating.

    OMG why do I do this? Too late now…..

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