It’s been AGES since I’ve spoken to Steve from Los Angeles.  Too, too long!  But he called me last night and the night before, and we had a blast!  Steve likes to play my favorite Niteflirt game, “Raise-the-Rate!”  This is where we start out our call at one price… then as the call progresses, I raise the rate he has to pay to talk to me!  Each time we hung up, I doubled the price he had to pay to call back!  After all… I’m worth it.  Steve knows I’d never give him the time of day unless he was PAYING me!  Eventually I give him permission to stroke his little cock, while he recited his mantra:  “I have to pay Trish to jerk off.”  :-)  Music to my ears!


Of course, there’s a CUM TAX before he’s allowed to cum (IF he’s allowed to cum) and he always has to ask permission first.  Last night I did let him cum since he had also called me the night before.  He begged me to write about him in my blog.  I should be charging him for this post, but I’m in a good mood.

So who wants to play Raise-the-Rate with me next???



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