This video says it all!






OMG!  I HAVE to tell you about a cam show I saw the other night.  One of my callers, “Bob,” wanted me to watch him on cam while we did our call.  This was the first time I’d watched him on cam, though we had talked about doing it a few times.


So there is “Bob” sitting in his chair completely naked and holding a crochet hook in his hand.  Now, for all you guys that have never seen one, I included a pic above.  These are about 7 inches or so in length and have a HOOK on one end. 


“Bob” picked up a bottle of K-Y lube and started to pour some of it into his pee hole!!  Then he picked up the crochet hook and started inserting it into the head of his penis… HOOK SIDE DOWN!  I just sat there with my mouth wide open!  I figured he would probably only insert it a couple of inches… but he pushed the ENTIRE crochet hook down into his hole until it disappeared!!!  By this time his cock was EXTREMELY hard and he said it felt REALLY good.  In fact, he couldn’t even stroke his cock for a minute or two because he was sooo close to cumming already!  After calming down just a moment, he started to SLOWLY stroke his cock.  On the upstrokes, you couldn’t even see the hook.  On the down strokes, you could see an inch or two of it sticking out of the top of his penis! 


He started stroking it a little bit faster, and I could tell he was very close to cumming.  All of the sudden, the crochet hook started to rise up out of the top of his cock until it fell out and landed onto the floor.  Lots of thick cum oozed out of his penis and all over his fist!!  I have to admit I’d never seen anything quite like it! 


So who wants to top this?  Email me with your ideas, and I hope to be watching YOU on cam very soon!






Dave in Dallas is the special guy who bought me my glass dildo!    Thank-you Dave!  Sorry I didn’t post this  earlier, but I was having major computer problems!


Can’t wait to use it!!!


Thanks again sweetie!




I JUST posted the blog below (about the glass dildo)… and ALREADY one of my customers has bought it for me!  When it comes I will post a picture of it here along with his name!

If you’re looking for other ideas for Valentine’s gifts, I LOVE getting Amazon gift cards.  The link to my Amazon wish list is HERE!



What a cute toy for Valentine’s Day!  I saw this and want it sooooooooo much!  It’s glass, 7 inches long, and covered in red hearts that are raised (to increase stimulation)!!  You can check it out at www.midnightpleasures.com.  Just plug in the product number in the search box:  CNVGI-9851.


I sure would love to see this in my p.o. box come Valentine’s Day!  Some people have asked for my mailing address, so here it is:


Trish c/o

PO Box 746

St. Charles, MO 63302


Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!




A VERY good friend of mine drew a picture of me!  (See the original pic below the drawing.)  GREAT JOB Kyle!  You rock! 



 trish drawing.jpg

trish tits.jpg







This is a picture of the BEAUTIFUL pendant I recently received from one of my VERY favorite callers!  (How did he know I love little blue boxes from Tiffany’s??)


I absolutely LOVE it!  Thank you “B.”




A new law was just passed.  They will now have PORN at the gas pumps so when you’re paying $4.00 a gallon… You’re not the ONLY one getting fucked!!




Ok…. it’s NOT what you’re thinking!  I am NOT pregnant!  (For those of you who have NO idea what the phrase “the rabbit died” means, can find out HERE!)


What I was referring to… is my VERY favorite sex toy (the Rabbit).  It FINALLY bit the dust!  I guess the poor thing could only take so much!   Hmmmm… what am I going to do without my little friend? 


I was checking out my favorite sex toy site and found they carry all sorts of Rabbits now!  Which one should I choose?  They have “beginners” models (not sure EXACTLY what this means!!), waterproof models, and even models that LIGHT UP!  Why… they even have a rabbitt attached to a STRAP-ON device!  Now that conjures up some fantasies!


Anyway… I’m HOPING one of my adoring clients will come to my rescue and send me a new one!  The website is: www.midnightpleasures.com  Just type in this model number in the search box:  SE1610-70   It’s for the pink, waterproof Jack Rabbit!  (I think most of you know that pink is my FAV color!!)  Just send me an email to: xratedtrish@yahoo.com and let me know you’re going to send it… and I’ll give you my mailing address.  Whoever sends it gets 5 FREE minutes plus also gets mentioned in one of my upcoming blog posts!


Talk to you soon!


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