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I’ve had a few calls with my new panty boy since I first “introduced” you to him in March. He is sooo much fun to watch on cam! He absolutely LOVES putting on a panty show for me. Look how precious he looks in these yellow RUFFLED panties:




He’s got another pretty ruffled pair he likes to wear for me as well:





Yes… he’s touching his nipples! :-)  Once he puts those panties on he gets sooo turned on!  We like to play a little game where I’ve “hypnotized” him and when I say the magic word… he puts his arms up in the air and starts twirling like a ballerina.  While he’s doing this, he says, “I’m a little girl… I’m a little girl.”






By this time, he’s SUPER-HORNY and ready to get down to business!





He would DIE if he knew I was taking screen shots every time he called!  ha ha   At least I was nice enough to block out his face… THIS TIME!!!





His name is Daniel (but I think I’m going to have to come up with a PRETTY name for him)!!!  He has QUITE the panty collection, too.  When he calls he likes to get on cam for me and give me a little panty fashion show.  He can’t seem to keep his hands off his nipples while he’s strutting around in his panties.  Before you know it, he’s twirling around with his arms up in the air like a little ballerina saying, “I’m a little girl!”  Cracks me up every time!  Here’s a couple of pics of him that he sent me in confidence.  Shhhhhhhh…. don’t tell him I posted them here!!! 



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