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I’ve had SOOO many requests for more pics of Tyler, so here they are!  Make sure you look through the entire post, because there’s a special treat at the end!




And now… for the surprise!  Here is Tyler’s PERSONAL cell phone number:   (360) 431-1399.  Call him and tell him you saw his pictures on my blog… and tell him what a little sissy panty boy he is! He’ll LOVE it!!  :-)








Isn’t he adorable in his polka dot bustier??? lol






A fistful of cum!! :-)



And here’s an EXTRA SPECIAL pic for everyone!  Tyler getting fucked in his FIRST threesome!  HOT!!!!!!!!!!



Here’s Tyler practicing with his HUGE dildo!  LOOK AT HIM SHOVE THAT BIG COCK IN HIS ASS!!!   He LOVES it!!




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